Mantis was formed in November 2009. Mantis is a combination of exploding riffs by Maarten de Haan, intricate solo’s by guitar-virtuoso Sjoerd van den Bos, the banging bass-sound by Valentijn Bakker en the raw voice of Axel Bremer. This all being built upon the aggressive yet tight drumming of Bram Kooiman.

Mantis is influenced by the work of Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Alter Bridge and Dream Theater. In other words; Mantis plays ‘Progressive Hardrock’.

With this style Mantis combines hardrock with progressive music and creates their own sound The Mantis-flavor is innovative, stimulating and ‘all-over-the-place’. Mantis puts very different atmospheres together quite well. You could be hearing Metal in the verse, whereas the bridge smoothly slides to lounge. Joyfulness and heavy themes can be switched rapidly.

Mantis is a solid band, which stands strong  and brings something new with their progressive music. But it’s still all about the joy of making music, and you can feel that in the audience.